League Rules

Here are a list of rules for the Stroud Friday League that all players and teams must agree to:

Off the pitch:

  • The latest day you can cancel a match is Wednesday if you are unable to play. This is to allow us time to set up a game for your opponents.
  • Cancellation after Wednesday will mean that you will be charged the full match fees (currently £25).
  • In any event the earlier you notify us of a problem in fulfilling a fixture the more time we have to arrange a game for the other team.
  • If you are not able to play your fixture, this will be counted in he league as a 3-0 defeat
  • You should pay match fees to a member of staff before the match begins. It would be helpful if one member of the team is responsible for collecting and paying the total match fees. 
  • Financial fair play: The league managers may, at their discretion, record your result as a 3-0 loss if your team fails to pay, or make arrangements to pay, in full before the end of the session. 
  • All players must be over the age of 16, the league managers may ask for a form of ID if they have reason to doubt that a player is old enough to play.  
  • Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before kick-off to make sure all games start on time.
  • Please click here for further terms & conditions that apply to use of the Inside Football facility 
  • Please note that no blades or screw-in stud type boots are allowed on our 3G pitches as these can damage the playing surface.
  • Emergency exits must be kept closed at all times. Most emergency exits have been fitted with alarms to prevent improper use. Customers who open the emergency exits or interfere with the alarms may be asked to leave the premises. 
  • Children under 14 must be supervised and accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. If you bring children to the facility, you must make sure that another responsible adult is on hand to supervise and accompany your children. Staff, Inside Football & The Friday Night League take no responsibility, whatsoever, for children brought to the facility during the Friday Night League. 

On the pitch:

  • Foul play or abusive behaviour – sin bin for 4 minutes. Team must play on with 4 players
  • Further foul play or abusive behaviour – sent off. Team must play on with 4 players
  • Direct pass back to goalkeeper without intermediary pass – penalty
  • Outfield players are not allowed into the goalkeeper’s area unless accidentally – if deliberate, penalty will be awarded
  • Any touch of the ball inside the area by an outfield player will result in a penalty 
  • Goalkeeper’s are not allowed out of area unless accidentally – if deliberate, penalty awarded
  • Goalkeeper’s must roll the ball out under-arm – kicking the ball or over-arm throws, penalty will be awarded
  • The ball is treated as out of play if it hits the dead ball line net and the ceiling net or passes the yellow side lines
  • Opponents must stand at least 2 metres (2 strides) away from the kicker when the game in re-started eg free kicks, corners etc

Booking Terms & Conditions:

  • All teams must commit to playing 10 or more fixtures
  • Failure to participate in a minimum of 10 fixtures will mean that the team will be charged an additional fee of (£5.00) per published fixture attended.
  • Teams agree that all sessions will be paid for at the relevant price (currently £25 per fixture)
  • Teams cannot cancel any fixture and receive a refund for money already paid
  • All fixtures will take place at Inside Football, Brimscombe.

By entering your team, you agree to the above terms and conditions. This does not affect your statutory rights.